Fleet Management


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Together with some of our partners, we have developed innovative solutions designed for advanced telematics and vehicle management.

  • Vehicle Monitoring

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    In a Fleet Management system, controlling the vehicle remotely is vital. Ste Industries offers a range of boxes/gateways able to detect vehicle data and send it to the control platform.

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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    In vehicle monitoring, temperature and humidity sensors are useful when a cold chain management system is needed. Micro.sp® technology is the most innovative solution ensuring data reliability and security, with very low battery use.

  • GPS

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    The Ste Industries Box incorporates a GPS system able to send the vehicle's position in real time. Furthermore, geofencing and remote control of the Box (FOTA) are possible via the platform.

  • Tyre pressure

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    The TPMS sensors, using Micro.sp® technology, are specifically designed to manage fleets and vehicles. They collect tyre condition data in real time, and send it to the telematics Box installed on the vehicle.


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