solutions for enhancing

energy efficiency


We develop innovative solutions for building monitoring and control. A building that could talk could improve resource management and avoid needless waste.

  • Environmental Monitoring

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    For years we have been developing a range of sensors for environmental monitoring. Collecting data such as temperature, humidity and light levels and sending it to a Gateway is part of Ste Industries’ expertise. The technologies developed in-house ensure a very long life for wireless sensors installed in situ.

  • Lighting control

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    Ste Industries has developed solutions for indoor lighting control. Autonomous and intelligent lighting systems can be created by controlling them remotely.

  • Air Quality

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    Air quality control, integrated within our gateways, is a fundamental component of environmental monitoring.

  • Fire Extinguisher Monitoring

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    One of the most innovative sensors created using Ste Industries technology is an innovative system for controlling and monitoring extinguishers. The sensor, affixed directly to the extinguisher, can detect pressure levels and send the data to the centre.

  • Predictive Maintenance

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    Once all the data has been collected on a centralized server, software routines can be applied that can predict an event in advance. It’s not just a question of how much data is available but also the quality of the data and how it is interpreted.

  • Access Area Monitoring

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    Thanks to extremely reduced power consumption, we have created active RFID tags able to monitor the passing of people and oversee narrow areas.

  • Energy Efficiency

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    Via the sensors, we send data to the control platform in the cloud for continuous control of the various areas being monitored.  Our technology enables us to collect large quantities of data, enhancing the ability to make the right decision at the right time.


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