Filter Minder®

filtration systems on vehicles

Donaldson® launches Filter Minder® connected filtration technology.

Micro.sp® technology applied to filtration systems on vehicles.


Ste Industries in collaboration with Donaldson has developed an air filter sensor that connects directly to a truck’s telematics system to provide readings according to life expectancy of the engine air intake filtration system.


A new air filter sensor is the first of many applications that Donaldson is planning to introduce for industrial vehicles for optimizing fleet maintenance management.


The hardware simply plugs into existing telematics by means of an add-on receiver requiring no additional engineering inputs, enabling a simple plug and play retrofit solution.

"Connected filtration technology" thanks to the Micro.sp® Technology


The air filter sensor is powered by a Micro.sp® transmitter and a small lithium battery–a compact design that enables the system to sample and transmit air restriction data real-time with a long life expectancy. This breakthrough design allows disrupting performance at a fraction of the cost of conventional technology.


Micro.sp® RF technology has proven to be a perfect match for Donaldson innovative offerings whilst improving:


  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Seamless integration
  • Easy installation
  • Cost reduction

A Scalable IoT platform


Ste Industries proposes an ad hoc solution to fulfill existing and future market needs where large fleets, as well as OEMs, could benefit from a simple and effective integration with existing onboard telematics.


The Filter Minder connected technology wireless sensor makes use of existing telematics infrastructures.

Installation is easy — simply screw the sensor into the air cleaner indicator port and connect the receiver into the telematics device — it only takes a few minutes.


Visualize filtration analytics using the existing fleet management tools.

Connected vehicle technology is a real game-changer that can help your fleet


Maximize productivity


  • Monitor filter status
  • Communicate to fleet management systems via status vehicle telematics
  • Optimize filter life, service intervals, and vehicle performance


Maximize uptime


  • Monitor vehicle systems and components
  • Provide timely notification of replacement parts
  • Help minimize unplanned downtime with predictive maintenance


Minimize cost of ownership


  • Provide improved failure analysis
  • Help reduce service time and cost with optimized filter maintenance
  • Promote optimized maintenance practices across fleet locations