Smart Tyres

for extreme weather conditions

Micro.Sp® TPMS Valves for Off-The-Road application


Bridgestone Commercial Solutions has developed a temperature - and pressure - monitoring system for OTR that the company claims can cut tyre checks on haul trucks to about one minute - from typically six minutes when done manually.


Each tyre is fitted with a TMPS Micro.sp® valve extensor – an advanced tyre pressure monitoring system.

Through seamless integration with the Bridgestone platform, the tyres become invaluable data sources that deliver clear and actionable on-the-go information to a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Real-time temperature measurement and monitoring in running tyres delivers more accurate data than standard TMPS systems. It can also help reduce tyre damage and hazards by sending immediate alerts if temperatures rise.

Intelligent Tyre


Micro.sp® and its wireless protocol are the innovations that transformed the tyre into an “Intelligent Tyre”.

This “new tyre revolution” brings smart innovation to a world where energy efficiency makes the difference.


Ste Industries, with its Micro.sp® technology, has created the smallest TPMS valve adapter currently on the market.

The TMPS adapter, used by the Bridgestone Tirematics service, allows real-time monitoring of tyre temperature and pressure.

The small adapter incorporates a 12-mm lithium battery with a guaranteed lifetime of over 3 years.

These performances are guaranteed by unique and innovative patented technology.


Bridgestone's TPMS ensures continuous optimal tyre-pressure levels for trucks or other industrial vehicles to increases safety, to extend tyre life and to optimise fuel consumption:


  • Fully integrated into Bridgestone Tirematics
  • Semi and fully automated inspections
  • Real-time tyre pressure info, with automated pressure alerts
  • Retrofit solution